09 December 2013

Let's Fly to the Moon

It's a Monday and I had to wake up early to get to mass for the celebration of the Immaculate Conception. This is what I wore today in mass. 

Sorry for the different lightings! Hahaha~ My sister and I were trying different lights with this, that's why.

On me:
Bowler Hat | BU6: Gelo Arucan's booth 
Dress | BU5
Shoes | My sisters :))
Zipper bangle | Laureen Uy's booth in BU6

Backlogs soon to be posted. Soon. After my finals exam. :))
Till the next.


Anti-Christ? Not sure...

Some of the people who has seen me said are you anti-Christ? Hahaha, it might have been because of my top. But is it? I don't know I bought it because it looks good. :)) This outfit post is just a quick one! Promise.

A close -up shot of my top.

A bottom change, for I find going with a skirt would be best to move around.

If you'll notice, the back part of my said top is long. Actually, it's a dress which I turned into a top.

On me:
Black dress | Thrifted
Red Pants | From a Random Boutique
Printed Skirt | World Bazaar Festival
Checkered Polo
Platform Shoes
Black watch | Divisoria

Till my next post! 

BU6 Finds!

Whaddup, whaddup!

Truthfully, I am really very thankful for Ana Gonzales and Aisa Ipac for organizing an event such as Blogger's United. And as it is on its sixth installment, I really can't help myself from going to BU ever since my first go, since BU3 pa! The fun and excitement I get every time I go there is just priceless and it s never a waste of time.

This current blogger's united was, as I can say, where I was able to hoard lots; well, if you compare it to the BU finds I got from the previous BU installments.

So, here are my finds in the recent blogger's united! :)

Let's take a closer look. :)

Orange leather dress | Nicole Anderson's booth
BMS Pins | Laureen Uy's booth
Neon Green Necklace | Ava Te-Zabat's booth
Grey necklace | Laureen Uy's booth
4 colored braided bracelet | Dani Barretto's booth
All the other bracelets | Laureen Uy's booth

Leather boots | Lissa Kahayon's booth
Flower Crown | Laureen Uy's booth

These Malunggay cookies aren't from blogger's united but I posted them here anyway. This was from Green Baker's stall in the Noel Bazaar just beneath where blogger's united was being held.

Gold transparent bag | Laureen Uy's booth
Blue Notebook | Marj Sia's booth
The Carrie Diaries bag | given away in the ETC channel booth

Black boho bag | Lissa Kahayon's booth

Mensense bag | Joseph Cham's booth

I also bought nail polishes which I am wearing right now! :)) As well, as a nail polish remover which came from Korea~

Annnd, a customized paper bag from Ava Te-Zabat of artsyfartsyava.blogspot.com
whom I bought the neon necklace from. :)

That's it! Hahaha, up next a short post on my outfit last BU6.