29 December 2012

Last Friday

It was the last Friday of the year and my family and I decided to go to San Pedro, Laguna to go to mass in Landayan. The church was really festive, packed with people and full of decorations plus not like any ordinary church, it was air conditioned! :)

Fun adventure just to get inside the church. So many devotees and great homily. ~

For Catholics: Did you know that January 1 is a holiday of obligation? We are all supposed to come and attend a holy mass in commemoration of Mama Mary being chosen as the mother of Jesus Christ. Don't forget!!~

Is the decor and Belen nice? It is right? Hahahaha! ~ ^_^v


28 December 2012

Book Shopping

Just today, I had errands to get things done in the bank and just right across the bank is National Bookstore! I actually went with my whole fam. My sisters needs books for their book reviews so we decided to go in and buy since they needed to read books from Fil authors and we just have a couple of not allowed books to be reviewed, such as Bob Ong's writings.

These are what we got. I don't particularly know what these books have in store but we are giving it a try. I bought Para Kay B for myself because friends have recommended it and my fave author as well, so why not give it a try? Ei? :)

I am going back to reading books. Are you?



Did you guys notice something on my blog posts recently? Yupyup, I have had my hair cut! Annnnddd I have lessened talking too much!  Hehehe~ I just noticed that I have been making my posts so lengthy and I am thinking you guys might be bored reading it all so there, but I am also hoping you guys aren't. J

Mmmm… just passed by, till the next!


Mori Girl?

“It’s Christmas, but I don’t want to dress up all Christmas-sy, rather I want it to be kind of the opposite!” This was what I told myself a week before Christmas. Just as I thought, I had this feeling that I wanted to dress up like a Mori girl, the day before my birthday, though not entirely the same feel. I mashed up the Mori girl concept a bit to make it a bit Goth like.


Loose Orange Top: Thrifted | Layered Skirt: Thirfted | Ankle Boots: Call It Spring | Accessories: BU4

PS. If you guys haven’t known yet, I really want to dress up like a Goth just once in my life however, I have no courage too. Tsktsk. Sooooo, I just made it look like one! Hahaha~ did I pass? Oh well, I should get more confidence! Where can I buy it? Can you guys tell me? L

Note to self: It is still far from expected.

Another PS: Don’t mind the note to self J

Another post to come ..


His Tool

My uncle’s practicing to take shots on his cam and of course my cousins, sisters and I would love to take the chance to test him! Hahaha~

What to do you think? Is he good already? 
Merry Christmas guys!


It's 3 Days!

Merry Christmas!! It is not too late to say that isn’t it? J

It has been really fun spending my Christmas with relatives every year and for this year we spent it for 3 days. J On the 23rd, we went to tagaytay to just hang out, then on the 24th if you guys, remember, we celebrated my birthday and 25th was our celeb of Christmas.

The black spot on her neck is caused by my dirty lens :(((

The fruit salad I made! It's now sold out! :)))

My cousin who did some break dancing for our Christmas party :)

My aunt getting curled by my sisters.
 However, her hair was really smooth and silky the curls won't stay for long.

It was fun, I must say. I got to spend time and eat such very good food on a very special occasion and get good photographs with people whom I treat dearly.

What did you do last Christmas?


21 December 2012

Catch Up!

At last! I was able to comeback after so long! Golly! I seem to have forgotten I even have a blog to update, toink! Anyway, let me update you on what I did and what happened to me last weekend though I know it’s been so long.

Ever since I went on vacation which was last December 8, I have been bumming around. Lately you’ll catch me either watching movies, the television, reading stories online, checking on my social networking accounts, listening to some pop music, chatting with friends, playing volleyball, going to mass every 7pm for Misa de Gallo, or just simply sleeping and pigging myself out.

Nevertheless, I want to share with you my experience in the last Blogger’s United 4 which took place at the World Trade Center TENT last December 15-16, 2012. I know today is as they say “the end of the world” and I would not want to skip the chance to be able to blog about this and say how happy I am in these two days.

Let me make kwento!


It was really a plan for my cousins, my sister and I to go to BU4 on a Saturday which was on December 15 however, they all ended having classes or studying for exams. As for me, I didn’t want to miss the first day of Blogger’s United and since I had no classes anymore, so I decided to go by myself and to go on the adventure to commute going there because there was no one to drive for me.

Good thing I was able to reach there well and going around the booths since I had no one with me to take pictures of me and my fave bloggers, I just asked them to smile for me and good thing they did!

In the end I went home happy with sore feet and really tired because all I did was to look for good pieces to buy and meet and chat with my favourite bloggers. As soon as I was able to reach home I just dropped my goodies and my family and I went to go for our Misa de Gallo. So far, I have had 6 days already! No skips, yay!!! 3 more to go!

Verniece Ensico 

Arnie Villanueva of Raid My Closet

Kelly Medina of The Traveling Boots

Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter

Tracy Ayson , the Fashion Fangirl

Paul of The PR Guy

Lissa Kahayon of Scenestealer

David Guison,
 who have me a cute funny face at first, so sayang I was not able
to click on my camera, the transition was so fast!! LOL

Alyssa Lapid

Krissy of I am Krissy

Cheyser Pedregosa of the Walking Recessionista

Patricia Prieto of Paradigma

Sarah Tirona of Fashion Eggplant

It was a sad thing though that I was not able to see Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, and Vern Enciso. Anyway, I am still happy so it was fine!! Next time nalang :)


This time it's a Sunday already and my cousin and sisters are free! Yay! hahaha, so they went with me now to go again to BU4 for its second day at World Trade Center. There were less bloggers now and even though then I had people to take pictures of me with some of the bloggers I just got a few, was so focused on finding goodies more than having pictures with them. Toink!

We went home early after having lots of rounds since I had to encode my schedule for next term (I'm enrolled now). But the good thing is before we left I was able to meet friends there that I have personally got in touch with after we went to a workshop together through facebook and twitter.

Got to get a pic with Vern at last and of course with her sister Verniece! :)

Hi Zeti!! :)

Hi sis! :)

Will be leaving for Misa de Gallo, hope to be able to post soon. ^^

Love lots,