27 February 2012

Lola Lisa's Farm

Test day today and my day just went so-so, all because our teacher got mad at us for such poor outcomes of our essays :( . However, last Sunday I had total fun with my cousins Samantha and Sherwin :) when we went to Batangas for some random visit to help my Lola from her Alzheimer's Disease, remembering her family.

We left early on a Sunday morning and went to church in Batangas. Right after we bought cake to bring to Lola Lisa were we are actually headed and mom bought buchi-buchi for us which I really love.


When we arrived there we toured the place and had a little photoshoot. We even saw this cute kid named Miggy.

Miggy ^^

Clockwise: Samantha, Me, Geli, John, Sherwin

my sis, Geli

Lunch was served after, after eating I played games with my cousins such as chess and bay blade.

And before we left, still we had pictures taken!

Nothing is much better than hanging out with my couzz and just forget for a little while that I have so much things to do. ~


21 February 2012

That freaky moment!

There was this weird lady I met.
It was a Monday, 19th of February 2012, I commuted going home because my mom was not around to pick me up. I actually came from a friends house to edit somewhere in Santa Rosa "bayan". Then, when I rode the Jeep, no one with me because I parted ways with my dear friend Arla. I met this super weird teacher who looks a bit weird as well, holding so much stuff on her hands with a long umbrella at hand.

This umbrella of hers, just right after I sat down bumped me. I did not mind this at first and continued on to pay my fare, to the thought that it was nothing. But as the trip went by this woman on my left, the weird teacher, kept hitting me using her umbrella. So I kept on moving to my right. However, there were other passengers who went in as well in the Jeep and there was this girl who sat to my right, making me move to my left because there is not much space available. So, then it continued on. That woman kept bumping me using her umbrella, then a little later, it is not just her umbrella, its already pens and papers she got out from her bag. Those just kept on hitting me, and I can super feel it that it was done on purpose. 

I was so wishing for her to go down already at that time because I was super freaked out, as in. Then, before she even went down she bumped me around my torso, so I looked. Upon looking, I saw her scribbling strokes of straight lines forming an asterisk which is done so hard, like she wants to rip of the covers of the seat. I was so afraid that moment to even move and really, really wishing for her to get down, bad as it may seem but, promise I was so nervous at that time until she finally went down and I was then finally relieved.

Maybe I was just paranoid coming from the editing session, wherein our story is about Schizophrenia and Serial Killings. Knowing things like these freaks me out, just too much and gets my mind so wild to imagine different things. However, I am avoiding these kind of stuff already and is hoping that once I do commute again it wouldn't have to be this kind of experience. ^^


18 February 2012

The Erika Alyana Way

Last Wednesday, 15th of February, just after Valentine's Day, there was a surprise for Fab from our dearest Alyanny :) (thanks Fab!!) As Cheese and Camille stated, they went to the "tambayan" after eating lunch and saw sticky notes saying:

After claiming our gift, which were 4 boxes of doughnuts!! they went to us bringing those so, we can all share it with all the other Fab. Though, we were not able to see all those sticky notes posted and the guard giving the gift. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed those doughnuts even though we're all stuffed from eating lunch.


Alyanny even made a note for us!! :)

Cheese's butt from her messy eating  ^^
That day ended well and it was sure an unforgettable surprise from our dear Alyanny :) Thanks a lot Fabs! :)

PS. Cheese! Sorrie for posting it, just cant help, hahaha!! The pink stain from the doughnut you ate XD LOL :) Love you Cheese!!! :) and sorry for the photos their just from my phone but some others were grabbed from Francine Viray ^^


The Treat

Just yesterday I saw this post of David Guison in twitter, about a workshop, which will be hosted by him and Lissa Kahayon. I told myself I really wanted to go there no matter what. And so, today I shared it with Kristine Obcena and Camille Isla. Talking about it while we were in Psychology class the three of us decided to come and Camille said she's going to treat us for this event, yeay!! :) Anyhow, its still on March and we are kinda nervous that it might hit on our finals day, though come what may I guess we are sure to go. :">

The Workshop :)


06 February 2012

Sapphirine Dreams: Open Book

At last, I decided to finally make a blog of my own. Feel free to read my posts! :)