18 February 2012

The Erika Alyana Way

Last Wednesday, 15th of February, just after Valentine's Day, there was a surprise for Fab from our dearest Alyanny :) (thanks Fab!!) As Cheese and Camille stated, they went to the "tambayan" after eating lunch and saw sticky notes saying:

After claiming our gift, which were 4 boxes of doughnuts!! they went to us bringing those so, we can all share it with all the other Fab. Though, we were not able to see all those sticky notes posted and the guard giving the gift. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed those doughnuts even though we're all stuffed from eating lunch.


Alyanny even made a note for us!! :)

Cheese's butt from her messy eating  ^^
That day ended well and it was sure an unforgettable surprise from our dear Alyanny :) Thanks a lot Fabs! :)

PS. Cheese! Sorrie for posting it, just cant help, hahaha!! The pink stain from the doughnut you ate XD LOL :) Love you Cheese!!! :) and sorry for the photos their just from my phone but some others were grabbed from Francine Viray ^^


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