27 February 2012

Lola Lisa's Farm

Test day today and my day just went so-so, all because our teacher got mad at us for such poor outcomes of our essays :( . However, last Sunday I had total fun with my cousins Samantha and Sherwin :) when we went to Batangas for some random visit to help my Lola from her Alzheimer's Disease, remembering her family.

We left early on a Sunday morning and went to church in Batangas. Right after we bought cake to bring to Lola Lisa were we are actually headed and mom bought buchi-buchi for us which I really love.


When we arrived there we toured the place and had a little photoshoot. We even saw this cute kid named Miggy.

Miggy ^^

Clockwise: Samantha, Me, Geli, John, Sherwin

my sis, Geli

Lunch was served after, after eating I played games with my cousins such as chess and bay blade.

And before we left, still we had pictures taken!

Nothing is much better than hanging out with my couzz and just forget for a little while that I have so much things to do. ~


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