31 March 2012

Meeting, Celeb

Graduation Month! My couz had just graduated yesterday. Had a small gathering in their house. Along with that my couz was gifted a Nikon D3100(red in color). I was like jumping so mad when I saw it, more excited I guess than he is, hahaha. Too excited seeing that I just had to borrow it from him and tried it a bit. ^-^v

 Actually, I really wanted to buy the red one of the Canon EOS1100, however the red one was not available so I settled with the brown one which was good too :D Named it toast actually, hahaha ^-^ Am I mean to it? I hope not.

love love love its rich red color :)


12 March 2012

Happy 13th!!

Today is my cousins birthday and she had her celebration just yesterday.We gave her a volleyball ball and played it just before we went home :) However, yesterday I promised her I will be flooding her facebook wall and that’s what i did, nyahahaha!! Such a meanie, am i? HOhhoho, just love her too much. (is that a joke? XD) 
Anyways, I really just want to greet her a very happy happy birthday today and am wishing that her crush gives her attention already, though i am wishing too that that won’t happen! whahahaha!!! XD She’s mine only, ok?
I'll be posting pictures some other time too :)


27 Dresses

This day has been very crappy for me, all the editings, comments and rejects on my work made me feel so down but i know that from the very start i had a bad topic or maybe i hadn’t made the most out of it, oh well movies just save my days as always.