29 April 2012

Looking for a Place

My relatives are planning to go swim and we are looking for a good place to hold it. Private pools that are oh so quiet and well maintained is what we have in mind. So we went out with my cousins to look.

We were really fascinated by one of the private pools we went to and had it booked already on a Friday since that's the only very available day we all have. And of course we wouldn't waste our time taking pictures of the place on our swimming day, so we had a pre shoot and I was the photographer, gah. ~ •ㅁ•

Sunflowers at the gasoline station (Caltex)

Over exposed, but I guess its fine?? hhahaha

Trial jump shot but ends to be too dark (di ko naayos >.<)

Mi twin sisters, you see them?

I guess we are settling with this, Dona Juana Garden Resort. Its a nice place naman right? :D

Happy summer to you! (◕‿◕✿)


12 April 2012


Just a normal day of my normal life. My mom and I, along with my sisters went to find a school that can make us be occupied for the summers. We ended up enrolling in the Alternative Learning Center and took the short course of dress making (my mom, me, and my sister Pauline). On the other hand my cousin and my other sister took culinary which was also a short course :))

What do I mean by short course? 50 day classes. That's the thing, how great isn't it? Just perfect for the summer break, and plus it will not cost me my regular class days. ~

My cousin and Pauline

My sister Geli

 Those cookies? There from this bakery we passed by on the road home, its three pesos each and tastes real good :">

Want some?
Hohoho, my oh so puffy hair :))) I'm planning to get it fixed this June, actually because its still going to get damaged by the sun when I start swimming later on this April or May (◕‿◕✿).
I can so feel the summer heat, can you? 


08 April 2012

My Holy Thursday

Its holy week!

Visita Iglesia Day for us! It has been a tradition we have been doing ever since, we learnt how to stay up late :)) And though my mom, dad, and my brother can't make it this year, my sisters and I pushed through anyway with my cousin and her parents.

We had mass first then ate and off to churches to pray.~

cousin and my sister :)

There we finished going to seven churches at about eleven or twelve and after, I went with my mom to the hospital because she had allergies that just were all over her body which is just getting to exaggerated by the largeness and redness of it. In the end, she got confined and two days after we were out :)
A heck of a week but it was surely an experience I can't forget.



A date for her to remember

The photos i promised along time ago for the birthday girl :"> 



Soul Sister

Last 28th, it was my partner Chareze's birthday, her 18th. She celebrated her debut on the 30th where my sisters and I attended along with 11 of Fab. Most of us wearing black if you'd see.

Want to sneak a peek of the event?

Before the event :)

There na!! :))
my sister, Pauline

us 3, hahahaha!!
the cuppycake with the star!! :">
my sister and the cupcakes we ate for dessert

I so love stars, so I just had to snap a shot with this before I even ate it ^-^v

the cake with fireworks :)) so afraid of it, I was not able to lit any :)))
look at my mask and the debutant's, its the same, just of different color
so amazing! we didn't talk about that... cool.

at the photobooth

12 of 16, yey!
fab!! :) look at cheese's pose :D

Cheese putting on the cloth that was on my shoulders :))
all of us

what I wore

Everything was just a blast, went home late but it was all just fine because we had loads of fun :)
Bonding with friends and family are just the best things on earth for a good memory that you would want to last for forever.