12 April 2012


Just a normal day of my normal life. My mom and I, along with my sisters went to find a school that can make us be occupied for the summers. We ended up enrolling in the Alternative Learning Center and took the short course of dress making (my mom, me, and my sister Pauline). On the other hand my cousin and my other sister took culinary which was also a short course :))

What do I mean by short course? 50 day classes. That's the thing, how great isn't it? Just perfect for the summer break, and plus it will not cost me my regular class days. ~

My cousin and Pauline

My sister Geli

 Those cookies? There from this bakery we passed by on the road home, its three pesos each and tastes real good :">

Want some?
Hohoho, my oh so puffy hair :))) I'm planning to get it fixed this June, actually because its still going to get damaged by the sun when I start swimming later on this April or May (◕‿◕✿).
I can so feel the summer heat, can you? 


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