29 April 2012

Looking for a Place

My relatives are planning to go swim and we are looking for a good place to hold it. Private pools that are oh so quiet and well maintained is what we have in mind. So we went out with my cousins to look.

We were really fascinated by one of the private pools we went to and had it booked already on a Friday since that's the only very available day we all have. And of course we wouldn't waste our time taking pictures of the place on our swimming day, so we had a pre shoot and I was the photographer, gah. ~ •ㅁ•

Sunflowers at the gasoline station (Caltex)

Over exposed, but I guess its fine?? hhahaha

Trial jump shot but ends to be too dark (di ko naayos >.<)

Mi twin sisters, you see them?

I guess we are settling with this, Dona Juana Garden Resort. Its a nice place naman right? :D

Happy summer to you! (◕‿◕✿)


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