08 April 2012

Soul Sister

Last 28th, it was my partner Chareze's birthday, her 18th. She celebrated her debut on the 30th where my sisters and I attended along with 11 of Fab. Most of us wearing black if you'd see.

Want to sneak a peek of the event?

Before the event :)

There na!! :))
my sister, Pauline

us 3, hahahaha!!
the cuppycake with the star!! :">
my sister and the cupcakes we ate for dessert

I so love stars, so I just had to snap a shot with this before I even ate it ^-^v

the cake with fireworks :)) so afraid of it, I was not able to lit any :)))
look at my mask and the debutant's, its the same, just of different color
so amazing! we didn't talk about that... cool.

at the photobooth

12 of 16, yey!
fab!! :) look at cheese's pose :D

Cheese putting on the cloth that was on my shoulders :))
all of us

what I wore

Everything was just a blast, went home late but it was all just fine because we had loads of fun :)
Bonding with friends and family are just the best things on earth for a good memory that you would want to last for forever.


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