12 May 2012

A Date with Sam

Asking my cousin Sam to go out with me to the mall, pay bills, have things sched and roam around just about anywhere is the ideal thing to do on a very hot day like this. Its summer, and here in the Philippines you just cant live without going out and do some chillin'.

tried clothes! 

The Hershey's chocolate that I packed with me before I went out home. Its all melted!

crown from the photobooth section XD

tried on those props in the photobooth section :D

and here we saw some cute bags, while walking of course! Their like twins! :))

Well, its always so fun to hang out with people close to you and just do all the crazy things you can think off.
Some time try it, and it sure is fun! But a bit scary, its all worth it anyways! lol.


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