14 May 2012

In that box!

Its Mother's Day, last Sunday, the 13th. My sisters and I were so fussing about what to do for this day and we can't think of anyway to surprise our mom. My sisters turned out to have bought something for our mom which is what we were to give nalang since there was no time any more to go out and get something really good. :)

What's in it ba?

Our mom was sick that day and before we went to mass, we gave it. So that, she can wear it if ever it actually matched her outfit for the day. Can you guess what it is?

Ok. Don't guess na! You've already scrolled it down and peeked on it! XD hahaha!

Its a beaded peacock necklace! :) (chos) 

Better look of it I guess. 

Mom venturing it out :) 
 We are just too happy that she loved it! Its a rush kind of gift but still, at least we had something :) Its really frustrating how you can't show your gratitude to all those people around you, even if its the itsy-bitsy kind of stuff you had come upon to. So, better think of things ahead. Don't copy us! :)) (haha!)

She tried it on! But oh, it looks so dull :( so, in the end she didn't wear it. Sad. Some other time maybe.

As long as you have done your rightful effort of something, even if it is the worst gift a person can ever receive, their sure to appreciate that. But still do make it a point these people receiving your little thanks, will still like and treasure what you have given them. Know each person, know what they like and dislike, with this even if its so not much of a detail, people will surely be touched because they can surely say, "This person knows me, she understands."

Its never too late to say I love you.

I love you guys!


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