27 May 2012


Its a Pentecost Sunday for us, and its our birthdays! So my mom wanted to celebrate it through a pilgrimage which we did in Tagaytay. However, I don't know what the church's name is but oh well. ~

He has a statue na! Wow :)

The Taal Lake which is not that visible. hahaha!! XD

Passed-by to buy some pasalubong's for us. :))

My sister :)

The way was very freaky going and heading back. Its not spooky or anything but the car we used somewhat had a problem. Good thing nothing bad happened and we still were able to go to places as far as going to Tagaytay and stopping over to places.

My other sister! Hhahahaha! XD

Heading home~

Sorry for not posting for a long time now.  :( Just busy with my summer classes. :)

Happy Birthday!


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