23 June 2012


On one of my classes we did some quartet group activity, taking shots of ourselves, perhaps on how we should light the interviewer and interviewee and how we compose it so that it looks good for the viewers. And we ended up with these shots :))

My hair's color is so striking! >3< (top part lang, LOL)

However, not all the photos are with me because most of it was transferred. Sad, haha. Anyway, I'll just call those a sneak peek!! :))) I really look weird on cam than when I face the mirror. Wishing that that camera is just like mirror that reflects in 3D at most :)) or is it already in 3D? Ugh, whatev! :)



Things have really been a hassle ever since the start of school. Assignments, our thesis, looking for an adviser to help us, being an executive producer which I volunteered for (mahirap pala yun!), extra classes because classes that I took for the summers hadn't ended yet and all other sort of things.

So much information overload from the courses I took this term but I bet I can handle it! OMO! Pray for me guys :)) I dont want to fail, if I do, I become an irregular! Dont want!! ><

I have been so lame nowadays. Its so long ago since my blog post but anyway nothing special ever happens :)) I just want to share all the stupid things in my mind right now, like what will I hit on first so that I can finish all my deadlines fast? And how can I help Christine for our script and all the sort. Blah, blah,blah.

I don't know if the people around me are pissed with my actions but that's what I am, they should confront me if ever I go over board right? Anyway, can you supply any good thesis topic for us? Anything about communication? :)) So frustrated that we can't settle on a good topic and when we do its always rejected :( Sad I know, its so dang hard just the mere fact your choosing a topic is hard what more the thesis itself? Oh whatev!

So well that's practically it. Hope we can meet and chat about random things soon! XD


10 June 2012

I'm Shoe in Love

Just another gathering for shoe fanatics hosted by The List Group and Etc.

Since yes, it’s that time of the year once again! Because of last year’s wild turnout of over 6000 attendees, The LiST Group is continuing its tradition of bringing us over 100 fashionable shoe brands under one roof through their I’m Shoe in Love Event.

If you’re looking for comfy flats, heel-less shoes, wedges, sneakers and whatever else you might fancy, they’re sure to have it (and at lower prices even!).

Mark your calendars and head on down to The NBC Tent this coming June 30 at 10:00am until July 1 at 9:00pm and rendezvous with your perfect pair. For more information, visit: http://www.facebook.com/TheLiSTGroup.

To date, some of the confirmed brands include:
✔ Terra & Agua
✔ Trunk Show
✔ Cole Vintage
✔ Sperry Top Sider
✔ Keds
✔ Skechers
✔ Charles & Keith
✔ Pedro
✔ T Studio
✔ Vibram Five Fingers
✔ Puma
✔ Adidas
✔ The Ramp Crossings
✔ Ipanema
✔ Grendha
✔ Rider
✔ Reva
✔ Gold Dot
✔ J&M by Soleil
✔ Swatch Seasider
✔ Suelas
✔ Marengo
✔ Suki
✔ Shoo In
✔ Happy Feet
✔ EuToepia
✔ Jelly Nelly
✔ Civic Duty
✔ Sole Service
✔ American Eagle Classics
✔ Posh Pocket Shoes
✔ Tonic
✔ Feet For A Queen
✔ Erb & Chet
✔ Fancy Flats
✔ The Red Pumps
✔ Renegade Folk
✔ Katie
✔ Frollic
✔ S&H
✔ Sole Sister
✔ Hebe
✔ Tribute Shoes
✔ Tutum
✔ Everybody Needs A Pair
✔ Samatta Manila
✔ Sole Divas
✔ Shoelution


Its cheap isn't it? Why not try to come at a once a year event like this! If ever I'm allowed to come >3< See you there fellas!! :)

The List Group is also open to food concessionaires. For inquiries, please send an email to imshoeinlove@gmail.com :)



Hey guys!
Its almost the start of classes. I feel so sad that its almost the end of my vacation and almost my graduation. I just think its so funny, going to start my regular classes for college once again on the 13th of June and graduating for my summer classes this 22nd. If you'd just hear it with out me clearing where I'm starting and ending my classes, it will be really weird! Don't you think so? Well, loads of people kept asking me about it whenever I tell them I'm graduating this June!

Anyway, I've made an account in Bloglovin'. Follow me if you please~


05 June 2012

Blogger's United 3

I love reading someone else's blog and learning a thing or two about them. Fashion blogs are usually the blogs that I fall into, its just fun seeing how great some people dress or represent themselves and share them to others by their blogs. There are a number of fashion bloggers that I love and I heard some of them are going to Bloggers United 3! So I insisted my mom and dad to allow me to go :)) Brought my sisters along with me there, so that its a sure yes! However, it wasn't that easy to do just that, my dad was sort of against it, since he also had a walk on the day. Anyhow, good thing my mom said YES!!  So check out  some of my fave bloggers I got to meet at the event. :)

Super long lines to get there >____<

I love the chandelier! :)))

Took some shots inside! It was full packed!

And some of my fave bloggers!! It was great I got to take some shots with them!! :">



Anastasia Siantar, who came all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia just to be with us in Bloggers United 3. Thank you so much for coming!! (my fave blogger so far)

look! Its Kryz and Patricia's standees!! :)



with my sister, Verniece and Vern


Camille Co (one of my fave blogger too) that was so jam packed that I cant come near her, so just called on her to pose for us :))) 


Alyssa :">

Was not able to get photographs with Lissa Kahayon, Valerie Chua, Kryz Uy, Arnie and some other bloggers in the event :( I feel sad that I was not able to, so shy to approach them, but next time I'll do!! :) Go me!! Hahahaha! As for Anastasia's case, I was stuttering back then, good thing I had my sisters to accompany me to lead on with the talking! hehehe, if not for them, I wouldn't have gotten these photographs with my favorite bloggers. :) 

Thank you Pauline and Geli! Love you both :*

And to all those who read my blog too, 


Its my dad's plan

We, my whole family, my mom, brother, my sisters and I are really not close with my relatives from my father's side. So my dad conducted this mini outing, in a snap. He made calls and stuff, asked some of my relatives to come over, before we even out and stuff like that, so there. Just last Sunday, June 3, we went to Pansol, Laguna to search a good place where we can swim and settled with a Hot Spring.

In the end, a good bonding day occurred and I'd say, I would love to hang out more with them some other time. :)

Hanging out with new faces is not bad right? What to you think? Comment below!


This is SHORT! (super late post!)

It was so rainy when my sisters and I did this quick shoot before leaving the church we went to. Just thought of posting this, I actually really had no plan but well, here it is :))

Everything that happens is planned. Its either you plan it or others will.