05 June 2012

Blogger's United 3

I love reading someone else's blog and learning a thing or two about them. Fashion blogs are usually the blogs that I fall into, its just fun seeing how great some people dress or represent themselves and share them to others by their blogs. There are a number of fashion bloggers that I love and I heard some of them are going to Bloggers United 3! So I insisted my mom and dad to allow me to go :)) Brought my sisters along with me there, so that its a sure yes! However, it wasn't that easy to do just that, my dad was sort of against it, since he also had a walk on the day. Anyhow, good thing my mom said YES!!  So check out  some of my fave bloggers I got to meet at the event. :)

Super long lines to get there >____<

I love the chandelier! :)))

Took some shots inside! It was full packed!

And some of my fave bloggers!! It was great I got to take some shots with them!! :">



Anastasia Siantar, who came all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia just to be with us in Bloggers United 3. Thank you so much for coming!! (my fave blogger so far)

look! Its Kryz and Patricia's standees!! :)



with my sister, Verniece and Vern


Camille Co (one of my fave blogger too) that was so jam packed that I cant come near her, so just called on her to pose for us :))) 


Alyssa :">

Was not able to get photographs with Lissa Kahayon, Valerie Chua, Kryz Uy, Arnie and some other bloggers in the event :( I feel sad that I was not able to, so shy to approach them, but next time I'll do!! :) Go me!! Hahahaha! As for Anastasia's case, I was stuttering back then, good thing I had my sisters to accompany me to lead on with the talking! hehehe, if not for them, I wouldn't have gotten these photographs with my favorite bloggers. :) 

Thank you Pauline and Geli! Love you both :*

And to all those who read my blog too, 


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