23 June 2012


Things have really been a hassle ever since the start of school. Assignments, our thesis, looking for an adviser to help us, being an executive producer which I volunteered for (mahirap pala yun!), extra classes because classes that I took for the summers hadn't ended yet and all other sort of things.

So much information overload from the courses I took this term but I bet I can handle it! OMO! Pray for me guys :)) I dont want to fail, if I do, I become an irregular! Dont want!! ><

I have been so lame nowadays. Its so long ago since my blog post but anyway nothing special ever happens :)) I just want to share all the stupid things in my mind right now, like what will I hit on first so that I can finish all my deadlines fast? And how can I help Christine for our script and all the sort. Blah, blah,blah.

I don't know if the people around me are pissed with my actions but that's what I am, they should confront me if ever I go over board right? Anyway, can you supply any good thesis topic for us? Anything about communication? :)) So frustrated that we can't settle on a good topic and when we do its always rejected :( Sad I know, its so dang hard just the mere fact your choosing a topic is hard what more the thesis itself? Oh whatev!

So well that's practically it. Hope we can meet and chat about random things soon! XD


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