21 July 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Its raining once again and as college students always say, "Ano kami waterproof?" :) It really is a good thing that I don't have classes today and I can just slack off on a rainy day like this and sleep perhaps, but that won't do. Classes are suspended and I guess that's a relief for most. I haven't been blogging lately and all I can counter to that it, I have no time and if I do, I'm just practically lazy to blog, nyahahaha!

I don't think I have posted it yet, but we made an AVP about the national anthem and it turned out great after our Professor got mad with us for a very poor output and asked us to shoot more sitners and change some parts. I can't post it here now I guess because its for class use daw. But anyway, I will be posting it as soon as she allows it to be posted after the term. Nyahahaha...

I'm just practically bored so, forgive me for this useless post, if you consider it as one :))


18 July 2012


              This was from before which I hadn't posted yet because these days are just so busy. If you care to look at it, feel free :) Shots taken by my sister and I on a Sunday morning right after mass.~



I have always liked baking ever since, I enjoy it, most especially when I do it with friends and family. But of course I just get to do that when I am able to attend clubs. However, we don't have an oven to start with going on to real baking when we get back home. So, we, my mom, I and my sisters looked for a recipe that looks like it is baked but isn't. POLVORON is the secret. :)))

Even though, we were not able to form it like a polvoron after and just ate it with spoons, the taste was really good. We added some chocolate milk powder to it so that it will have a twist from the before trials we had.

Should we try selling it out already? haha! Why not? Though, I must say it is really hard to mold these stuff, especially when you do it manually.