18 July 2012


I have always liked baking ever since, I enjoy it, most especially when I do it with friends and family. But of course I just get to do that when I am able to attend clubs. However, we don't have an oven to start with going on to real baking when we get back home. So, we, my mom, I and my sisters looked for a recipe that looks like it is baked but isn't. POLVORON is the secret. :)))

Even though, we were not able to form it like a polvoron after and just ate it with spoons, the taste was really good. We added some chocolate milk powder to it so that it will have a twist from the before trials we had.

Should we try selling it out already? haha! Why not? Though, I must say it is really hard to mold these stuff, especially when you do it manually.


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