29 August 2012

Cherry Berry

Its dress day today (self proclaimed) and my friends and I decided to wear dresses for the whole day and along with that have a photo shoot on our vacant time since its a Tuesday schedule today, make-up classes week, due to the holidays that has passed.

Photos by Kristine Obcena and Rafael Saturno

Are you well?



"Let's wear dresses tomorrow." That was what my dearest Fab's said yesterday. Today we had a little photo shoot with a not so showy theme of dresses. :) Check out what we did and wore :D

People come and people go.


The Bakod

My cousins usually come around our neighborhood. Just drop by and do what they have to do. But this past Monday, we decided to do a quick photo shoot and have some fun before they're picked-up. This is the day when I colored my hair with Kool-aid, check it here.