27 August 2012

Holy Me

June, the term has just started and everything has just been piling up. Been very busy. Sorry for not being able to post frequently lately. Since, this week we have a long week end for 3 days; might as well take advantage of updating my blog :)

Last Saturday, mom, my sisters and I took the advantage of having a vacant Saturday to go and have our confession. We went all the way to Anihan in Calamba from Santa Rosa to confess, have some meditation, recollection, and a mass along with that. 

After the meditation, we went up the hill? Not exactly sure what to call the place. But it is really nice there, its like a garden where there is a swing and lots of butterflies loitering around. Flowers are in full bloom. We took some shots there and enjoyed the peaceful ambiance of the place. However, it rained so we had to come down and ended up going home after. 

 busy :))

checking how long I should cut it, what a snap shot >.<

The Butterfly, it was so big!

But not literally to go home. We still did some errands for my grandmother and did a little shopping for the ingredients of the polvoron we wanted to make. However, we were not able to buy cellophane or japanese paper at least for the packaging of the polvoron. Its just sad, my mom won't allow us to pursue doing the polvoron with out the packaging because she counters that we will finish it fast, if that was the case.  ╯ε ╰ 

Blurred, it was already raining as you can see, so we had to pack-up fast :/

How will you spend your holidays? Comment ∇ ^-^


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