21 August 2012

Its RED!

And so I tried it out. Yey! :)
My sister and I went out on a Monday afternoon to buy chips and ice cream and we joined in buying Kool-aid, the one I was telling you guys about in my previous post. And to know if things worked out check this out.


Used two for better color. It was supposed to be unsweetened to get a better dyeing effect, though I don't think they sell unsweetened here in the Philippines. <Sad.> I have never seen one actually, its always the instant drink mix that I see. LOL (Why don't they sell kaya?)

 So, we boiled it in a casserole, bubbling hot. We mixed the powder with water, of course your water won't be as much as one liter, just put in a few. It actually does not need to be in order, just mix in the powder with the water and its good to go. Just let it simmer a bit.

 Then dip your hair in, just be careful not to get burnt. :(

Dry it a little. Oh, and remember to wear something dark or a shirt that your fine with to get all messed up. Plus, you would not want to ruin an outfit, don't you?

And so, there it is. It worked for me :) Yey! Though, the dye didn't color all of the strands of hair I dipped in. <Sad> Nevertheless, its good that it colored the above side best. :D

So, there it was. I've already rinsed my hair and took a bath with it, the color from the juice mixed with the water while I was rinsing. However, after I was done, towel dried it and all, the color was amazingly still there. I don't know when it will actually all fade out but this is actually fun to try. Most especially if you have nothing to do, hahaha! :)

Try experimenting too, and tell me what you've come up with.


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