19 August 2012

Juice Magic

My sister and I was taking about random stuff today and we started to talk about what hair color we wanted our hair were. Mine is blue or violet (too extreme) and hers is red, as usual of her. :) Then suddenly her mouth blurted out about this hair dye thing that she heard from a friend.

Its Kool-aid! The flavored drink mix which is owned by Kraft Foods. It was really a shock hearing that the Kool-aid drink mix can actually be used to color your hair and we wanted to try it out. I will be blogging about it if we end up doing it. But from what she said it works and the color actually lasts, depending on your hair type. Sometimes it can last for weeks, 6 months or even a year!

But I really want to know if this really works and will try it out maybe tomorrow? :), since its a long vacation. So anyway sorry for not blogging for long. And I know this is such a lame post but, I really wanted to blog about it because I am so excited to know if it really, really, really works!! :))


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