06 September 2012


I have been a fan for shoes like forever and my birthday's so near (even if its on December pa!! ^--^v). I want to give a hint to all the people I love off what I want this Christmas Eve //slash// my birthday :)) Its not that much to ask isn't it? But I know you guys love me so just check these out. ( `◡`)

Blue shoes are just my thing, tho, haven't had the strength to really get myself a pair of this sort.

I've had this attraction on mints too and platforms for sneakers, they just make me look tall and  it feels good to walk in them. I so just want another pair of creepers but in this type, let's just call them "platform sneakers." :)

I've never tried on wearing heelless before but I want too, picked this photo of it because it has a star! Its unique isn't it? I think these are from harveynichols.com if I am not mistaken.. 

As I said I'm really into platform sneakers nowadays, and look its silver, next to my most fave color blue :)

I'm not a fan of pink stuff, actually I hate pink for it makes me feel so girly  but hey! If these shoes were of another color why not? choconut? :)) mint? not bad! :))

Another of the shoes I so want to try but afraid of doing so for it might not suit me well,  booties. These are Jeffrey Campbell's Lita in Rainbow Galaxy. Doesn't the print look nice? I've been wanting to get clothes with this type of print but I can't see such in malls. I'm afraid to go online pa naman again :/
What do you think? Should I get one of these and try them out?


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