15 September 2012

Curtain Balls

It was my Uncle's birthday last Thursday, and food is always festive when there are celebrations. Ohhh, I really just love to eat ! :) So anyway, I just wore a fun top paired with really yummy colored jeans to match it. *WARNING: Same type of shots to be seen, just took snaps before we left.*

Forgive the smile, I was trying the "PERFECT SMILE" my sister was telling us about.

It was a fun night actually, but not the part were it is me being the center of entertainment. -______-" My relatives, my mom, and my sisters kept on speaking about the bottom part of my top. They said those were "CURTAIN BALLS", can you believe? Such mean people! >_<

In fact, I really love that bottom part!! :) Its really fun to wear. Twirling around with it gives me happiness, wah!! I should have tried doing that in the pictures! Next time I wear this, I'll surely do. I'll wear this again for sure. ;)

Good Day guys!!


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