26 October 2012


Hello guys!

I will be going for a hiatus this term. There are just so much things to be done for my subjects :/ Our final projects mostly are already given out already and we are just in the middle of the term! Which means we got final projects that are time consuming enough to be given this early. However, if I get a chance to blog, the time to, I promise I would. I hope you will still visit my blog even if I won't be blogging much. Nevertheless, I will try to blog daily when the term ends to cover up being a slackly blogger.

Hoping you guys understand.
By the way, I guested on a blog post at The DIY Geek. Stop by if you can :)


20 October 2012

A Short Memory : Day 4

This is the end.
I would like to thank all the people who supported us all throughout the journey of Fushion. We enjoyed every moment and since we decided to stop already, we did not continue posting a layout version of Day 4 but instead a Behind the Scene video of it nalang.

The theme is floral if you noticed.
 I had posted about it too in my blog, you might have read about it already.
I hope you still support us if ever we do this again. :)


A Short Memory : Day 3


No teaser for this one but this is the best layout yet! Can you guess what our theme is? :) I think I have posted that here at Open Book already. So, I am saying it anyway, even if it seems so giveaway :))) Its black, red, and white! 

Check out what we wore, an all girls session this time.

What do you think? Much better isn't it?


A Short Memory : Day 2

Day 2 : Teaser

More people came and joined with us! +2!

Day 3 on the next post! Much better layout now~ 
We are improving by the moment don't you guys think?


A Short Memory: Day 1

Day 1: Teaser

The very first day we were called out for Fushion. Did the shoot at the oval of the school, not bad for the first day of Fushion isn't it? :)

Day 2 on the next post :)

A Short Memory : Beginning

It was a text from my friend Cheese. Inviting me to come for a mini shoot for Fushion daw. Tuesday, at 4:00-5:30 pm, wear something fashionable. Why? Cheese and Chibi wanted to do something, a sort of project to help enhance their skills and basically have fun with fashion and photography combined. A logo and tagline was released then. Credits to Camille Isla/Chibi for the logo.

Follow the journey of Fushion on my next blog posts.


19 October 2012


            Fushion has ended, according to our founder. I am kind of feeling sad, well it's my relax time from school works and now it's gone. I just wished that, that conversation with Ms/r. Anonymous and Cheese, one of our founders in Fushion had not happened.

          Anyway, Fushion has ended and that's too bad for us since we really did enjoy our fashion bonding  moments. However, it was still worth the experience. I will still be posting the outputs we had for Fushion, since you guys won't be able to access it anymore in our facebook page, since it is already deleted. (‾^‾) It will sort of be one of my memory reminder here in my blog, that Fushion once had existed. I will be posting on that as soon as I get free time. :)   -------- ❤ Sapphirine.

20 minutes

It has always been fun to dress up but when people contradict on what you want to wear because it's against their dress code, then its not anymore.

Let me tell you a quick story of how my day started. This was the day for Ballet and Ballads, mind I tell you. So, here it goes.
The night before I was already thinking of what I wanted to wear. Since, we were advised to wear something formal also because the event was a formal one, I chose something of a ballet inspired look. I even had to iron my skirt that night since no one could iron it for me (gabi na eh). Then, morning came. I was all dolled up already, ready to leave.
However, since my hair was not brushed yet, I came looking for one and I went in the masters bedroom to borrow one (can't find mine). My mom then awoke, also because I was sorta noisy. Then she came asking what I was wearing and had the lights opened pa just to look at my outfit. All of a sudden she began to say that I should take it off, blahblahblah. I tried to reason out pa why my attire was like so but no result. She wouldn't make me leave until I change to something else.
I actually felt so horrible, I conceptualized an outfit then people tell me to change and I have so little time left to think of what appropriate thing to wear. I almost went running late pa for school because of that. 
Oh well, papel. Can't do anything anymore on that matter, it has already happened. Anyway, back to what I was really about to post. This is what I ended up wearing for the day. I think you have already seen this in my blog and I am wearing it again with black stockings this time and my fave accessories from Mia Casa :)

I even brought props! hahaha, sorry for that red hat over there :)


Ballet and Ballads

               It was October 10, Wednesday, when my friends and I attended an event in our school's auditorium. It was Ballet and Ballads for us, featuring Lisa Macuja-Elizalde with Ballet Manila and Luke Mijares. It was really an awe watching ballet after a couple of years. Being relaxed and amused by the performances is really highly encouraged for us actually. Since, we are all so stressed out from school works, even if you say our term has just started.

Try watching ballet too guys, its fun and amazing!


18 October 2012

Back View

Behind the scenes for Day 3 of Fushion~ Here are some shoots we took while someone was being photoshooted. Since we got bored and we had a camera with us. Dadan~ LOL.

Maybe we can't just stop posing in front of the camera :)