19 October 2012

20 minutes

It has always been fun to dress up but when people contradict on what you want to wear because it's against their dress code, then its not anymore.

Let me tell you a quick story of how my day started. This was the day for Ballet and Ballads, mind I tell you. So, here it goes.
The night before I was already thinking of what I wanted to wear. Since, we were advised to wear something formal also because the event was a formal one, I chose something of a ballet inspired look. I even had to iron my skirt that night since no one could iron it for me (gabi na eh). Then, morning came. I was all dolled up already, ready to leave.
However, since my hair was not brushed yet, I came looking for one and I went in the masters bedroom to borrow one (can't find mine). My mom then awoke, also because I was sorta noisy. Then she came asking what I was wearing and had the lights opened pa just to look at my outfit. All of a sudden she began to say that I should take it off, blahblahblah. I tried to reason out pa why my attire was like so but no result. She wouldn't make me leave until I change to something else.
I actually felt so horrible, I conceptualized an outfit then people tell me to change and I have so little time left to think of what appropriate thing to wear. I almost went running late pa for school because of that. 
Oh well, papel. Can't do anything anymore on that matter, it has already happened. Anyway, back to what I was really about to post. This is what I ended up wearing for the day. I think you have already seen this in my blog and I am wearing it again with black stockings this time and my fave accessories from Mia Casa :)

I even brought props! hahaha, sorry for that red hat over there :)


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