19 October 2012


            Fushion has ended, according to our founder. I am kind of feeling sad, well it's my relax time from school works and now it's gone. I just wished that, that conversation with Ms/r. Anonymous and Cheese, one of our founders in Fushion had not happened.

          Anyway, Fushion has ended and that's too bad for us since we really did enjoy our fashion bonding  moments. However, it was still worth the experience. I will still be posting the outputs we had for Fushion, since you guys won't be able to access it anymore in our facebook page, since it is already deleted. (‾^‾) It will sort of be one of my memory reminder here in my blog, that Fushion once had existed. I will be posting on that as soon as I get free time. :)   -------- ❤ Sapphirine.

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