02 October 2012

Birthday + Fusion

Its my brother's birthday tomorrow and since he so badly wanted graham on his birthday so he opted or my mom rather, that he make it himself. He ended up making it alongside with a kilo or more of a fruity salad with lychee flavored gelatin which my mom cooked. I hope to be able to eat that soon, but of course it needs some chillin' first.

Anyway, this is what I wore today for Fusion. Fusion is a group built by my dear friend Kristine "Cheese" Obcena and Camille "Chi" Isla. It is a some sort of group where we take our outfit shots and have them compiled every week to be post produced and published. However, so far we have our facebook page for the teasers.  If you want to come and check it out, please feel free to do so at FUSHION. Even if the main objective of this group is not clear to me, having fun with my mates is the best thing I get from it. I haven't asked around though what exactly it is for, just joined in for fun, I am such a bad follower. LOL.

There is Cheese at the background joining in the photo, hahaha! :)

And another one.

Bracelet: from Landayan | Bangles : Mia Casa

Ribbon Necklace : Hello Kitty store

It was raining this time, if you can see in the photographs. So, we just took shoots around the campus where it is dry and safe. Good thing it was in time where just very minimal people passed by. At least we still got to play around and do our stuff without getting to shy.

What do you think of it?


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