09 October 2012

Extra Layer

As I said in my previous post, I went to a debut of a friend of mine. This was what I wore for it, I think I was over dressed or something compared to the other guest. Well, she said to wear a dress! But in the end, people just wore jeans. -______- Perfect! Just perfect!  Shots were in a rush for I was on the other side of the street and cars and motorcycles were passing by and the party was about to start, or so we guessed. We were called for a 7 pm party however, it started by 9. As always :) That pretty girl is never punctual.

Shot supposedly waiting for the car to pass, hahaha!

The place was quite narrow by the way and we were using a 50mm lens, sorry for this.

I am like Tinkerbell they told me. Maybe because of the dress :))

Changed location with settings. It was totally dark here, it was hard to see and these two were the only ones that aren't blurred. Sad.

Is it really like Tinkerbell? I am bothered! :(


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