11 October 2012


Since the dress code was supposed to be a dress and she did not seem to conjure one, this is what my dear friend Aira Diongco came up with to the party we've been to last October 6, Saturday...

These leopard prints were just a *MAJOR LOVE*!

Booties from Primadonna


What can you say about your style?

            I believe that dressing up is the most exciting part of my day. It is where I can truly express my style and personality. I usually pick clothes and shoes that are unique and trendy. As much as possible, I do not want someone dressing up just like me. I actually tend to buy clothes and shoes that are eye-catching because those are what I think is the best from all the rest. I do mix and match my old clothes to new ones so I can actually create a new set of outfit. Nevertheless, when it comes to accessories, I don't use them that much as long as I already have a glamorous look. If necessary, it would just be the simple ones to avoid being overly dressed. All in all, I just want to look remarkable in every outfit I wear and mark my own style.

Thank you Aira for allowing me to feature you on my blog!
What do you guys think?


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