09 October 2012

Miss 18.

I went to my dear good friend's debut last Saturday, which was prepared just the day itself. So, it was just in their garage. We are her high school friends and since we were part of her candles (18), we decided to come up with a gift that had or will have meaning for all of us.  So, we thought of having a gift or our printed pictures and to write a short message at the back and put it in a sort of treasure box. We intended that it would mean, we are her treasures and that she would take good care of our gift slash us.

Me with the debutant, Krisneille.

Her with her escort, hahaha!

And before the party started, this is what she wore. Pretty isn't she?

She cried on her thank you remarks to the people who made this happen, her dad.

Group pic!

And some bonus epic fail picture!!!

Dadan!~ Since we were in the 18 candles we had to hold the candles for her to blow. But what is with this picture? Aira pouting so weirdly, Kathleen's like sleeping already holding the candle with flame so firmly and me? What the! What's with my stare to the candle!?! Hahaha~ People were kidding me when I posted this for Aira and Kathleen to see, and this sure is really hilarious! Fun stuff.

Who thinks Aira's outfit is good? I will be featuring her in my next blog post *u* Stay tuned!


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