16 November 2012

Same You


The MCL letters were gone already! I am so sorry, was not able to do as I promised. When we were set to go take a snap with those MCL letters, they're gone. It so sad, we were so excited pa naman of the idea that we will be able to take a shot with those big letters.

Anyway, today we recorded the last part of our mini-drama which is included in our School on Air. Our School on Air or SOA is a requirement we had to do for our Educational Broadcasting class, and I really am enjoying it! However, to have it going, there are really just so much to do like getting sponsors and voice talents. Our topic is on maids or kasambahay's and their rights. I forgot to plug it here, fail lang for me. Nevertheless, if you still want to know what we do in class, you can watch our last episode on gosouth.ph or here us out on the radio which is DZJV 1458. That's an AM band by the way, it is airing every Fridays, 2pm to 2:30pm around the Calabarzon area. You can also watch our back live streams that was recorded from the studio of DZJV in ustream.tv, just type in the search bar Legally Maid and you'll see it there.

For now, I will just be posting a poem. Again this is part of the series I wrote in the library as I said in my previous post. You can check the first ones here and here.


You look good but bitchy at the same.
I like you but I hate you all the same.
You show of and nothing is the same.
I think you are same, same, same.

You say yes and it's still the same.
Will you learn how to change and not be the same?
You leave without a trace, the same.
And yes, I think you are the same, same, same.

Boo for you, for the wrong change, still same.
Ney for you, it's always the same.
Will you learn to think your own, and not be the same?
I think you're still the same, same, same.

"Is it bad for me to be the same?"
That's not it, you changed but your still the same.
"Is it bad to be the same?"
No, but I really think you are the same, same, same.

Note to self: Get your parents to say yes for sleepover tomorrow, it's for your finals, you say.

Till the next.


15 November 2012

BIG Letters

It is now the time where our MCL cup is being held. It will take place for 4 days and has started yesterday  and though we (my friends and I) won't be participating on any of those, we will be watching the battle of the bands tomorrow, I guess :)) So I will be bringing my handy-dandy camera! A so bright idea from me! whahahaha!!

Tomorrow the MCL Cup will hold:

Sabayang Pagbigkas
Cosplay Competition
IT Wizards
Green Earth Rhythm: Battle of the Bands

I would really want to cover that Cosplay competition however, we have classes on that time. I hope our professor says yes for us to go there but that might never happen. I might forget, there is also a post that was posted on our school's official facebook page that we can post pictures of ourselves with the MCL gigantic letters and upload it in the page and tag them on it. And since we want to take a picture of ourselves with that big MCL letters, we are doing that tomorrow. Here is a sample of what the huge MCL letters look like. The C is a fail though, don't know what happened to it why it became like so.

Our cup has now been more improved than last years and I am happy to see so much cool competitions and action in our school grounds. Unlike when it is just a normal day in school, it is super quiet. I promise! Anyway, I hope I can blog about our day tomorrow asap as I come home. But I am sure, I might forget about it because of all the things to be done this week. It's almost our finals week anyway, we are already on the 9th week going to the 10th and we only have 12 weeks in a term. The twelveth week is our finals na! Then after that, CHRISTMAS BREAK!! Yey!! :D Few pushes nalang!


Dear Mr. Crush

I define crush as someone I idolize, so don't think too much about this. This is another of the poems I wrote in the library along with my post yesterday. I actually stayed for an hour that day in the library with nothing to do and since I brought a pen and paper with me, sulat galore lang.


Are you talking to me?
Oh! eyes so pretty.
You make my heart,
lubadub, lubadub
Stare and we'll flee.
It is always not the chance, 
Oh! really not the chance.

I hate the timing,
it bothers me much.
Little sweet, 
Oh! Its a culture shock.
Will you forbade?
glances that are my chances?
I see you above all the crowd, 
then you vanish in a clap.

I sing, "why can't you be in reach?"
and then forever ditch?
Are we meant to speak?
Even for a second dear. 
I want to see, eyes so tranquil.
On top of that,
Will you let me or,
I'll be forever upon that shore?
A shore I know that is dark, 
and lights on moments,
moments that bring you near to me.

I don't intend to look like a stalker.
Let us be friends?
Will that be a stopper?
Will you let me be?

And now, you'll leave once more,
I feel so bad.
Not a glance from you,
is that bad?
Someone close to you,
guard you so freakishly.

Eyes that eat, Oh I am so scared.
Will you help me?
And say you are there?
Know me please and let me near.
I know this is off, 
but you to me is a "CRUSH".

I know I don't write good poems but these are just my means to express myself in a way that not everyone can full understand what I really mean. I share with you these because I just feel like it. Plus this is my blog kaya wag magulo! :D Actually this poem was written when Mr. Crush passed by that noon. hahaha! For my dear friends who are reading this post, I warn you, you can never press me on who my crush is, super secret yun! :P


14 November 2012

Dazzle Shoes

A detour to my usual posts, here's a poem I made in the library one day and now I am deciding to post it here. Got the inspiration to write this from the girl's shoes I saw as she passed by in front of me.


On the night where women wear dazzling shoes.
On the light where they wear casual blues
It will forever stay stunning on a day I'm sure.
Will you recognize the me for sure?
I will fly in your world and you will be on mine
I say fashion you say mason
Will you say yes to come and will I say  yes to dawn?
It dazzles me yes, and for sure I like it.
Come fill and we'll both go.
Some are on the ground seeing what good shoes I wear
Now, as I look on the ground and see what awful shoes you bare.
Barefoot and closed shoes, are we a pair?
I believe we are and you are all welcome to stare. 
We stand and all you people create your stance
I love the attention but not to mention, 
I hate eyes that beam and not to scream,
"Who art thou with dazzling shoes?"

Thank you for reading :)


09 November 2012

Those 10 Pieces

I am so excited to blog about this that I just reached home and am now typing this. :))) Anyway, just awhile ago I went out with my sisters to the mall to assist them to buy things they need for school and get a gift for their friend. While me I just did some canvassing for parchment paper for the graduation of our enrollees in our School on Air.

So what do I plan to blog about? Our detailed experience today? Nah.

To get it straight, I just want to share with you guys the finds I got for tonight. We passed by Genevieve Gozum and it was on sale. Usually sales do get their prices down on their pieces but this one is different. It's a whole pack of  ten various accessories for just 100 pesos! Nice right? To think that each piece would usually cost a hundred plus and more.

So these are the things that was in the pack I chose, however, I must note that there are really pieces that are too off, for it to sell maybe they mixed it in. For me, mixing the good ones with the ones that might never sell if you sold it stand alone is really a good marketing plan! Hahaha.

8 pairs of earrings

2 White Ballers (No Excuse, Philippines)

2 Large Earrings (Gold and Bronze color)

2 Rings (Pink and a Black with Blue design)

Red Heart Necklace (that is so bitin, fail.)

A Beaded Bracelet

4 Elastic Hairbands

Nothing is more fun than getting loads of cool stuff for really cheap prices. Share to me your super sale experiences, I would love to know about it ;) Till the next.


PS. I am wishing that Jasz will get to read my blog na. hahaha (special mention ^---^)

02 November 2012

All Saint's Day at the Farm

It has already been a yearly event in our family that we have to go to the province to visit and pray for our dead relatives. Yesterday, we went for Batangas and stayed a little at our Lola Lisa's farm as I have mentioned in my previous post. Bonded with my relatives and just pigged ourselves out. :)

Fun stuff that I rode with. My hair as extensions, daw :))

I hope you guys had a great and quality time with your family and friends this All Souls and All Saints Day! :)
Classes will resume by Monday again. Getting busy once more :/


Black for Death

Out on the November 1st and this is what I wore. In the farm of Lola Lisa and totally rocked it with my cousins. :)

Happy All Saints Day guys! :)
Will be talking about our bonding moments on the next post. Stay tuned !


Halloween at the Radio Booth

Recorded the whole day for the different requirements for school, such as our radio drama and podcast. Still Halloween is our peg for the day. 

Sorry for the unrotated photos, but promise, I rotated them na, they just didn't rotate when I uploaded :/
Anyway, I hope you had a good Halloween. :)


Let's Play!

It was the 31st of October, Halloween. Us Fab, had our own version of how we spend it, in the most normal way, i guess? :)

Too lazy to rotate, sorry :)

Since we didn't want to go home yet and just came from a recording slash jamming session in the radio booth, we opted to stay. Staying means to get an ice cream to eat and play a game before heading out for our houses. At first we were thinking of a good game to play, we wanted to go for ice, ice, water, moro-moro, agawan base or what ever you call that, patintero, and other good games to play on a good weather, back to the elementary game plays. It was actually so fun to be able to play again after a long time. So in the end we played the agawan base and ended up changing it because no one wants so attack and be captured! Then, they thought of buying chalk at the nearest store and we drew on the floor and started playing patintero. I was so fun and the best thing about it, we WON! yey!! After those many sets we got a point, so its one vs zero and from there we stopped because there are no more means of transportation if we don't end it. At least we won already before we ended the game, whahahaha! :)

What happened to your Halloween? tell me :)