15 November 2012

BIG Letters

It is now the time where our MCL cup is being held. It will take place for 4 days and has started yesterday  and though we (my friends and I) won't be participating on any of those, we will be watching the battle of the bands tomorrow, I guess :)) So I will be bringing my handy-dandy camera! A so bright idea from me! whahahaha!!

Tomorrow the MCL Cup will hold:

Sabayang Pagbigkas
Cosplay Competition
IT Wizards
Green Earth Rhythm: Battle of the Bands

I would really want to cover that Cosplay competition however, we have classes on that time. I hope our professor says yes for us to go there but that might never happen. I might forget, there is also a post that was posted on our school's official facebook page that we can post pictures of ourselves with the MCL gigantic letters and upload it in the page and tag them on it. And since we want to take a picture of ourselves with that big MCL letters, we are doing that tomorrow. Here is a sample of what the huge MCL letters look like. The C is a fail though, don't know what happened to it why it became like so.

Our cup has now been more improved than last years and I am happy to see so much cool competitions and action in our school grounds. Unlike when it is just a normal day in school, it is super quiet. I promise! Anyway, I hope I can blog about our day tomorrow asap as I come home. But I am sure, I might forget about it because of all the things to be done this week. It's almost our finals week anyway, we are already on the 9th week going to the 10th and we only have 12 weeks in a term. The twelveth week is our finals na! Then after that, CHRISTMAS BREAK!! Yey!! :D Few pushes nalang!


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