14 November 2012

Dazzle Shoes

A detour to my usual posts, here's a poem I made in the library one day and now I am deciding to post it here. Got the inspiration to write this from the girl's shoes I saw as she passed by in front of me.


On the night where women wear dazzling shoes.
On the light where they wear casual blues
It will forever stay stunning on a day I'm sure.
Will you recognize the me for sure?
I will fly in your world and you will be on mine
I say fashion you say mason
Will you say yes to come and will I say  yes to dawn?
It dazzles me yes, and for sure I like it.
Come fill and we'll both go.
Some are on the ground seeing what good shoes I wear
Now, as I look on the ground and see what awful shoes you bare.
Barefoot and closed shoes, are we a pair?
I believe we are and you are all welcome to stare. 
We stand and all you people create your stance
I love the attention but not to mention, 
I hate eyes that beam and not to scream,
"Who art thou with dazzling shoes?"

Thank you for reading :)


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