15 November 2012

Dear Mr. Crush

I define crush as someone I idolize, so don't think too much about this. This is another of the poems I wrote in the library along with my post yesterday. I actually stayed for an hour that day in the library with nothing to do and since I brought a pen and paper with me, sulat galore lang.


Are you talking to me?
Oh! eyes so pretty.
You make my heart,
lubadub, lubadub
Stare and we'll flee.
It is always not the chance, 
Oh! really not the chance.

I hate the timing,
it bothers me much.
Little sweet, 
Oh! Its a culture shock.
Will you forbade?
glances that are my chances?
I see you above all the crowd, 
then you vanish in a clap.

I sing, "why can't you be in reach?"
and then forever ditch?
Are we meant to speak?
Even for a second dear. 
I want to see, eyes so tranquil.
On top of that,
Will you let me or,
I'll be forever upon that shore?
A shore I know that is dark, 
and lights on moments,
moments that bring you near to me.

I don't intend to look like a stalker.
Let us be friends?
Will that be a stopper?
Will you let me be?

And now, you'll leave once more,
I feel so bad.
Not a glance from you,
is that bad?
Someone close to you,
guard you so freakishly.

Eyes that eat, Oh I am so scared.
Will you help me?
And say you are there?
Know me please and let me near.
I know this is off, 
but you to me is a "CRUSH".

I know I don't write good poems but these are just my means to express myself in a way that not everyone can full understand what I really mean. I share with you these because I just feel like it. Plus this is my blog kaya wag magulo! :D Actually this poem was written when Mr. Crush passed by that noon. hahaha! For my dear friends who are reading this post, I warn you, you can never press me on who my crush is, super secret yun! :P


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