02 November 2012

Let's Play!

It was the 31st of October, Halloween. Us Fab, had our own version of how we spend it, in the most normal way, i guess? :)

Too lazy to rotate, sorry :)

Since we didn't want to go home yet and just came from a recording slash jamming session in the radio booth, we opted to stay. Staying means to get an ice cream to eat and play a game before heading out for our houses. At first we were thinking of a good game to play, we wanted to go for ice, ice, water, moro-moro, agawan base or what ever you call that, patintero, and other good games to play on a good weather, back to the elementary game plays. It was actually so fun to be able to play again after a long time. So in the end we played the agawan base and ended up changing it because no one wants so attack and be captured! Then, they thought of buying chalk at the nearest store and we drew on the floor and started playing patintero. I was so fun and the best thing about it, we WON! yey!! After those many sets we got a point, so its one vs zero and from there we stopped because there are no more means of transportation if we don't end it. At least we won already before we ended the game, whahahaha! :)

What happened to your Halloween? tell me :)


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