16 November 2012

Same You


The MCL letters were gone already! I am so sorry, was not able to do as I promised. When we were set to go take a snap with those MCL letters, they're gone. It so sad, we were so excited pa naman of the idea that we will be able to take a shot with those big letters.

Anyway, today we recorded the last part of our mini-drama which is included in our School on Air. Our School on Air or SOA is a requirement we had to do for our Educational Broadcasting class, and I really am enjoying it! However, to have it going, there are really just so much to do like getting sponsors and voice talents. Our topic is on maids or kasambahay's and their rights. I forgot to plug it here, fail lang for me. Nevertheless, if you still want to know what we do in class, you can watch our last episode on gosouth.ph or here us out on the radio which is DZJV 1458. That's an AM band by the way, it is airing every Fridays, 2pm to 2:30pm around the Calabarzon area. You can also watch our back live streams that was recorded from the studio of DZJV in ustream.tv, just type in the search bar Legally Maid and you'll see it there.

For now, I will just be posting a poem. Again this is part of the series I wrote in the library as I said in my previous post. You can check the first ones here and here.


You look good but bitchy at the same.
I like you but I hate you all the same.
You show of and nothing is the same.
I think you are same, same, same.

You say yes and it's still the same.
Will you learn how to change and not be the same?
You leave without a trace, the same.
And yes, I think you are the same, same, same.

Boo for you, for the wrong change, still same.
Ney for you, it's always the same.
Will you learn to think your own, and not be the same?
I think you're still the same, same, same.

"Is it bad for me to be the same?"
That's not it, you changed but your still the same.
"Is it bad to be the same?"
No, but I really think you are the same, same, same.

Note to self: Get your parents to say yes for sleepover tomorrow, it's for your finals, you say.

Till the next.


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