09 November 2012

Those 10 Pieces

I am so excited to blog about this that I just reached home and am now typing this. :))) Anyway, just awhile ago I went out with my sisters to the mall to assist them to buy things they need for school and get a gift for their friend. While me I just did some canvassing for parchment paper for the graduation of our enrollees in our School on Air.

So what do I plan to blog about? Our detailed experience today? Nah.

To get it straight, I just want to share with you guys the finds I got for tonight. We passed by Genevieve Gozum and it was on sale. Usually sales do get their prices down on their pieces but this one is different. It's a whole pack of  ten various accessories for just 100 pesos! Nice right? To think that each piece would usually cost a hundred plus and more.

So these are the things that was in the pack I chose, however, I must note that there are really pieces that are too off, for it to sell maybe they mixed it in. For me, mixing the good ones with the ones that might never sell if you sold it stand alone is really a good marketing plan! Hahaha.

8 pairs of earrings

2 White Ballers (No Excuse, Philippines)

2 Large Earrings (Gold and Bronze color)

2 Rings (Pink and a Black with Blue design)

Red Heart Necklace (that is so bitin, fail.)

A Beaded Bracelet

4 Elastic Hairbands

Nothing is more fun than getting loads of cool stuff for really cheap prices. Share to me your super sale experiences, I would love to know about it ;) Till the next.


PS. I am wishing that Jasz will get to read my blog na. hahaha (special mention ^---^)

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