04 December 2012

Finals: Day1

Finals is almost over! I am just wishing I can be able to ace it :) This term is about to end by Saturday, December 8 and I have just scheduled myself to things I have to do in our almost 1 month vacation. Yay!!

First, on December 8, I will go to Anihan in Calamba to confess. If ever you are going there too this Saturday, see you!! ~ then probably have a hair cut after and hair color? Please *u* actually my mom is really against this :( hehe pray for me guys! :P

Second, this December 13, FAB (college friends) will be having a Christmas Party in Batangas which is our plan A but if not we are pushing to plan B where we will just swim here at Bel-Air in Laguna.

Third, Bloggers United 4 on the 15th of December at World Trade Center. I hope to get to meet you guys there too :) It opens at 10am and the good thing about this is that you get to meet you fave fashion bloggers in the event!! I am so waiting for this~

Fourth, my birthday, which is on December 24, then Christmas on the 25. Then on Jan 1, of course, its New Years Day. Then on the 2nd, my mom's birthday and on the 3rd, classes will start na!! :(((

Annnnndd!! In the middle of the days that I have nothing sched, I am planning to just sulk around and read books or sew, because I think I have forgot how to na :( I want to sew a dress this time :) Then, I am also planning to practice playing volleyball with my friends because we will be playing, hopefully for the Rizal Cup next term...

Now that I am writing it, there are just so much things I want to do! Hahahaha~ but at least make my vacation worthwhile, right?

Internship this Summer na, but I still don't know where to go to.
There are lots of fields to choose!
Being a Multimedia Arts student is plainly not that easy.
Good Day earthlings~


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