28 December 2012

It's 3 Days!

Merry Christmas!! It is not too late to say that isn’t it? J

It has been really fun spending my Christmas with relatives every year and for this year we spent it for 3 days. J On the 23rd, we went to tagaytay to just hang out, then on the 24th if you guys, remember, we celebrated my birthday and 25th was our celeb of Christmas.

The black spot on her neck is caused by my dirty lens :(((

The fruit salad I made! It's now sold out! :)))

My cousin who did some break dancing for our Christmas party :)

My aunt getting curled by my sisters.
 However, her hair was really smooth and silky the curls won't stay for long.

It was fun, I must say. I got to spend time and eat such very good food on a very special occasion and get good photographs with people whom I treat dearly.

What did you do last Christmas?


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