28 December 2012

Mori Girl?

“It’s Christmas, but I don’t want to dress up all Christmas-sy, rather I want it to be kind of the opposite!” This was what I told myself a week before Christmas. Just as I thought, I had this feeling that I wanted to dress up like a Mori girl, the day before my birthday, though not entirely the same feel. I mashed up the Mori girl concept a bit to make it a bit Goth like.


Loose Orange Top: Thrifted | Layered Skirt: Thirfted | Ankle Boots: Call It Spring | Accessories: BU4

PS. If you guys haven’t known yet, I really want to dress up like a Goth just once in my life however, I have no courage too. Tsktsk. Sooooo, I just made it look like one! Hahaha~ did I pass? Oh well, I should get more confidence! Where can I buy it? Can you guys tell me? L

Note to self: It is still far from expected.

Another PS: Don’t mind the note to self J

Another post to come ..


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