08 January 2013

HBD Dad!

Things have been to shocking lately and since school and the term has now started we are all bombarded with things to do. Not just by the professors blurting out what our finals is already but also the other co-curricular activities I had promised to join before the term started.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my Dad to greet him Happy Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!~ Hope you liked our gifts :) Annnndd... along with the greeting is a little photoshoot I got into during my dad's birthday because my uncle wanted to take a few shots of me and my cousins just for fun and for the sake of using his new camera :)))

Outfit change! 
LOL, I was actually going to arbor this dress from my aunt but she didn't like so she just told us to try it on and model it all we want just for a day :)) Along with her Guess watch. I am hopefully wishing that she gives it to me instead! LOL.

It is pretty weird how I constructed the above paragraph, beginning and ending it with "LOL". :)

bloooooooopers!!! Laughing so hard here.
I don't know what caused me to be like this,
but I know you would oftenly catch me in this state!! :))

I sat down because it was definitely so hot and there was a fan blowing somewhere near
 so I had to grab the opportunity!! :))

Trying to model the watch, did I pass? XD

I know I have grown larger that before and I hope my clothes don't give up on me.
 Did you notice my nail polish? It is so striking! I thought it was red but it turns out to be a bit of pinkish in color. ughhh~ Actually, it was my sister who placed that (i asked her to) while the shoot was going on. Off course, when it wasn't my turn. My uncle shot about 7 people all in all including me. And it was fun, we directed each others' poses and did each others hair, attire (if there was something wrong) and spending time with my relatives was the most fun experience I have these past weeks. Since, we spent our Christmas with them.

Are the two dresses, ok? What do you guys think?


02 January 2013


Woah! My first post for the New Year. Hello 2013!

Since, its the new year, I am starting it with an outfit post so that I can be able to do that the whole year. LOL Anyway, this is what I wore for New Year's mass where in my mom scolded me for wearing it because the dress was kinda short. *sorry*

Happy New Year!!


PS: Happy Birthday to my mom!! ❤❤