06 February 2013

Anniv and Its All Just Play

Happy Anniversary to my blog!~ LOL
I never thought that it has already been a year!! Anyway, I would like to dedicate my post to what went on today...

So, let's start with my second class' test. To confess, I actually half studied for it and I did some sort of guessing game for that but it was really a good thing I did some of my job to read the slides given. Read lang! T^T However, my dreadful half studied test was blown away when we ate lunch and played volleyball after~ wiiiiiii~~ *MAJOR LOVE*

Soon after, (dadadadadan) we had our third class and is mind blown with all the discussion on Job Interviews. *I think I am not ready yet* Nevertheless, the best part was skipping fourth class and preparing for our game.

Just before we played :)

For our course, basketball girls, basketball boys, volleyball girls, and Frisbee are to play; good thing it didn't happen altogether. :) As for the basketball girls, luckily they won. YEY!!~~ And all else, nahh. We lost. Sad to say, but it was really fun playing volleyball, well it has always been fun most especially when you get to play with good people. :D

After the game??

picture taking!!! LOL

Do you see me and my super duper kaduper epic face? 

MMA boys with their opponent.
MMA's are the ones with blue and black.
I really want to have another match with another course but sad to say we are already eliminated from the cup and we would just have to redeem ourselves next year, if there is still a next year. LOL

A tiring day and a tiring month, even if it has just started.
 CAS week is about to come, I am sure to be busy but hopefully, 
hopefully, I get a chance to blog about that week. :)

Is si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata by Ricky Lee, nice?
 I am currently trying to read it nowadays..
Reviews are most welcome~~ :)
Comment below at com and toes. ^---^


PS: A lengthy post from me, sorry for that.
 But I am still hoping that you read the posts in this humble blog of mine. ^--^
I actually feel annoyed why I can't get rid of my emoticons and "~", whatever you call that. 
Till next time~

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