05 February 2013

Back to Where Things Began

I am absolutely busy this past few weeks, or not, so I was not able to blog anything lately. However, I would like to share with you happenings last Sunday when I had visited my old school and met with my high school friends-slash-classmates.

Do you somehow recognize this? I have posted something like this before haven't I however, we were not able to take pictures with it because it was always full and because of the events that day... Check it here.

This is a pretty scary shot. Why does my cam create such effects?

And before we went home.. a last group shot with everyone else who attended. It was sad, Theresa and Kathleen weren't in the pic.

I am so burnt! OMO. 
Actually we went there on a Sunday all because it is the foundation day of the school and we were invited, actually the alumni from the very first batch of students to last years. We were there too to watch a preview of the convocation the Grade X slash IV years. I must say they are good and the musical that was given to them were nice choices but still ours was the best! LOL I am too biased sorry XD.

Shall I watch this March 1? But its a Friday and I have class
 from 8:30-5:30 with only lunch as break. :(
What do you think?


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