07 February 2013

Cinema Rehiyon 5

Another good day to you dear reader of this blog, I have once again injected my thoughts on new learnings of what really there is in life... annnnnnnnd if you already have read what my short introduction of myself contains which is seen on the left side of this page you'll more or less know what I will be sharing with you..

Well, we were given a chance to attend a once a year event held in UPLB called Cinema Rehiyon and it is now on it's fifth. According to cinemarehiyon.com, (hahaha, searched it pa, not fully knowledgeable about it, sorry) Cinema Rehiyon is a festival that showcase various strands of narratives that tell the diverse and vibrant culture distinct to the regions. The festival also challenges the Manila-centric view on films, both in mainstream and independent industries.

Today, with the opportunity to get to watch films of this kind, I must say that travelling so far was worth it and really craving for. If not only was getting home hard at night and if not for my friends' urges to go home and not watch the 3rd film I might have really gone to a movie marathon watching 3 films from the pack in a day.

Coming in a bit early for the second film, I was able to watch Malan (not the first part though because Chareze and I were late for it) and Taguri: The Kites of Sulu. Malan is a story of  what has happened to the tribes in Mindanao in the time of martial law here in the Philippines, with the love story of Malan, a tribal girl, and Anton, who is a activist and a campus journalist in Manila. In the end of the film show, the director was called and were asked questions. He, the director was able to mention that Malan really came from a poem which I really find interesting especially when he story told the real story behind it.

Our professors over there. Hello!~ (3rd and 4th person from the right)

On the other hand, Taguri: The Kites of Sulu, is about kites, yes, and it is a documentary about it. It contains stories of how addicted the people of Sulu are in making their Taguri's or kites wherein they make a huge effort to make and fly it, at the most forgetting or skipping meals just for their Taguri's.

It was  mentioned in the film that the people of Sulu, just wanted to live a simple life. A life wherein they only think of less things and does not aim to have a complicated life but a relaxed one. This was actually what really struck me the most. It even barged in my thoughts that I wanted to live in the provinces of Sulu, stay there and try to fly the kites that they have studies all their life making and flying one. To stay in the city and slash off all the things that make my life complicated. Thinking that it is us who make our lives difficult if we had just stayed simple witted as possible and did not long to be advanced than anybody else and more... My mind was actually so occupied while I was watching. There were just so many things that bothered me all throughout the film and made me realize and question myself on what I really know my world is.

Such eye and mind openers that made me write this so uper duper kaduper long blog post, that might have turned to a five or ten page (exaggeration only) long realization and reaction paper upon the film, if I were only to focus on that merely. But as I write this, I remember that I am making a blog post and just sharing with you a fourth or even an eight of what happened to my day. So, I end here talking about the films I had watched. *toink*

Moving on.. after we had watched the films. Time to eat! ~ It really gets you hungry for sitting a long time and just filing in you brain on what story the film encloses and decoding and understanding it at the same time. My friends and I took shots as we bonded with each other...

We will be having our CAS week soon. They had made it February 14 again, as it's starting date~
Hoping to be able to blog more often. Till the next entry.


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