05 February 2013


I can't believe that I have been with this blog for a very long time now! Like almost a year? Hahahaha!! Tomorrow is my blog's anniversary! I am pretty shocked actually to stay up this long. Thus, I am promising a post tomorrow. However, do not, just do not expect it to be something grand! Hahaha, maybe just a normal post of my day tomorrow. Hahaha!! XD

By the way, have I said I joined the women's volleyball for our Rizal Cup? If I haven't well, I am saying it now and tomorrow, we have a game against an opponent we do not know! :))) It is still a mystery though, we lost track of who we will be against with.

The Rizal Cup, by the way, is a fight on different sports by the different courses in school and a winner will be hailed for each sport at the end of the tournament. The sports included in this year's Rizal Cup:

Table Tennis

Oh, please pray for us to win tomorrows game. :)
Till, tomorrow then..


PS: Do you read my name here, as Sapphirine or Sapphire? 
People always mistake it to be Sapphire when it's Sapphirine. -______-"" Oh well..

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