26 April 2013

Busy Summer

My internship has started and I am starting to get busy and stuff. Buuuuuuttt, I would like you guys to know the latest things happening this week! Mostly events that will happen this weekend. If you are free and/or near the place or would like to come to the event because you personally like it, try to come to one of these.

First off, the Saturday Market. This event tries to relive the days of Escolta when it was once a spot where tourists goes more often. Also this is to celebrate the Pinhole Day wherein there will be workshops held to teach registrants how to make Pinhole cameras.


Pulp Summer Slam, an annual music festival in the Philippines wherein local and international rock and metal bands are invited to play for 12 hours! From 12 noon to 12 midnight~


Next, the coolest summer party that is consisted of our international to local bands. A 12 hour music festival. From 4 pm to 4 am~ Almost the same as Pulp Summer Slam though that was more on rock and metal bands. So hard to choose if your a music fanatic. This event is hosted by CloseUp. Hopefully to come here... :) excited if ever, my favorite bloggers and artists are sure to come. Hope to get to see them in this event. *crossed fingers*


And don't forget, National Geographic's fun run event. If you are the athletic type, why not try this. An event starting at 4am. Register while you still can :)


Last for the weekend, Balik Bukid, a fair where your whole family can bond together shop, feast, play and unwind. :))

If you are interested in any of these events for the weekend, check their sites that I have captioned under the pictures and get yourself registered for some of these events. Or get your tickets while you still can.. :]

PS. If you do go and I am there please do say "HI!" to me, I'd be glad to appreciate that. :) Gosh, this is my only time to blog. -_____-"" grrr. 

Double PS. I will be going for sure in the NatGeo event and later in the afternoon for Balik Bukid event, if ever..

Triple PS. Can one's body carry going to 4 out of 5 of this events? Of course you can't come to both summer solstice and summer slam at the same time so its 4. What do you think guys? I was planning to do that kasi, teehee~ I'll let you guys know if I actually did that. :))))

I love you guys. Till the next~


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