25 April 2013

DIY Detachable Skirt

Sorry for posting this so late, forgot all about it because of my internship but anyway this is the first post for POURIN's Wall. We will start with a how to make your own classy detachable skirt that will surely make you stand out from the crowd. 

Please bear with the lack of photos and how its not captured step by step because I randomly thought about blogging a DIY post when my sister was about done beading and doing the final touches.  -____-" haha! Too late. :P -- But not that much I guess. Hope you can still get something from this. :)

To start with, gather the materials.

Galaxy Cloth
 You can use any cloth you wish as long as it's see-through. Be sure to get it on a 60 width (if I'm not mistaken, there's 2 of it, the 45 and the 60). it's important to get the 60 width so that you can do more pleats.  ;) But if in case you wish to use the same cloth as this you can see this on any textile store out there because it is a bit common nowadays.

Paper used for skirts, we call this "paha" 

Tape Measure


same color but of a different hue as your skirt

Fine Needle and Thread
The needle that you shall be using should be able to in the hole of your beads that you will sew in later on. As for the thread, it should match your skirts color scheme. If possible, the thread should appear invisible in the eyes of your lookers. It must blend in with the cloth.


The all time scissors...

A pencil that will go through the cloth


and a lock.

Now to start...

First make a sketch of how your skirt should turn out, for you to have a visualization of how it will come out.

Next, do the measurements. Measure with the tape measure your waist on where you want to start and end it and the length of how long you would wish your skirt to be. In my sisters case, she wanted it super long that it will almost hit the ground when she's in her 5-inch heels.

Then, she cut the fabric and asked our mom to stitch the edges with the sewing machine. Have your colored cloth sewn around the "paha" then have the galaxy cloth next sewn around the colored cloth. You are supposed to have a sort of belt after attaching the 3 pieces off. Next have the "belt" attached with the rest of the galaxy cloth that you had managed to sew earlier and its almost done. Finishing touches to arise.

Draw on the fabric your desired design and its time to sew the beads! As for my sister, she did swirlies which were kind of hard to trace on with the beads because it is all curved and stuff. Buuuuut, it was nice naman so that solves it.

When your done, it would somehow look like this... but of course this would depend on your choice of color and design on the beads.

To proceed... attach the chains and the lock by sewing it and your done!

As you can see, some of the materials we used are already found in the house so the only thing we bought was the galaxy cloth from above. :) Nevertheless, if you have none of these, you can borrow some of the items and/or buy  them on any dressmaking store out there that supplies such.

PS. I promise to take pictures of the DIY's in detail next time. From the start! LOL I am really, really, really hoping you can get something out of this one even if the pictures are not in detail. :( I am so sorry for this...

Till the next!~

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