08 April 2013

Something New on Open Book

I am adding another segment here in my blog featuring my sister’s do-it-yourself projects and artworks that comes momentarily. I shall be calling it POURIN’s WALL.

Adding this special segment to my blog was unplanned and actually came out of the blue. Being in to arts and fashion, my sisters and I -- including my mom -- has been into making our own clothes since our first project, with our mom creating the clothes and with us designing and conceptualizing the attire.

We love being fashionable, however trying to make a statement on fashion and being on-trend is costly -- for us, that is. So in order to fix this dilemma, we try to make out with the things we already have and try to weigh out the things that we could invest in.

And so, on a random moment, I asked my sister to blog about the arts&crafts she's been up to previously, which she has been doing for some of the events in her life. She bought the idea of putting up the blog and was thrilled by it for a moment but then it all ended up with her just wanting me to do all the posting. -____-" It would be hard to keep two blogs at the same time so I decided to create a space for her. Thankfully, she liked the idea.

Well, it is would be a waste if no one can benefit from it aside from herself and to her audience. When I mean by audience, they are those people who get to see her works out in the public; like her classmates, friends, and family.

I would like to introduce her to you without posting any picture of her here because she doesn’t like it but if ever you are curious enough, I had posted photos of her before which she did not object to so you can just look it up in my recent posts. 

Short Bio:                Pauline Anne De Los Reyes, an 18 year old girl who does things her way. She hates things that are badly done and at moments try to bring out the beauty of things that she touches. A slow but sure worker.
                Pauline, is a upcoming 3rd year student as of now, taking International Studies at San Beda College Alabang. A senior writer and occasional photographer for their school’s publication, The Bedan Herald.  An the most cool thing about all this is that she has a twin!! Teehee~

Get to meet more of her and how she works in the future posts to come. Stay tuned~

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