08 April 2013


I’m back after so long. Wiii~ Sorry for being so lazy to blog. Actually to tell you the truth I had a sort of my so called “blogging sickness” wherein I wanted to delete my blog account and never blog again but oh well, I guess I overcame that and missed blogging somehow so, here I am now!

So what have I been doing in the past month? Or months? Hahaha~ A fast run down of pictures? Yess, I like the sound of that. I hope you do too J

March 23: A day after my Ninong came, he invited the whole clan out. (Clan talaga? ^--^)

I got my new 75-300mm lens and test shot it trying to capture the moon late that night.

Tried doing an outfit shot too in the dark. Good thing some of the photos turned out well even if the only ambient light available was the moon. >_<

I guess I was over accessoriezed. 3 rings, 8 bracelets, and a necklace. Was I?

March 25: Covered my cousin’s graduation. (Separate post for the little photoshoot my other cousin and I had while waiting for the cerem to finish.)

March 26: OJT Hunting

April 5: Day out with college classmates for OJT purposes J 

Went out to the National Museum after our agenda. hihihi (tamang gala~)

April 6: Date out with my high school friends.

Gail had a story to tell so... an instant bonding session~

April 8: Skirt beading with my sisters ~ 

Helped in doing a line only, kekeke ^---^v They did all the rest. I'm such a good sissy ain't I? Hahahaha!~

Some photos grabbed from Arjhelle Adato and Mica Atienza. Thanks guys! :)
I missed this.

PS. Post on the skirt project we were making, soon.


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